Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Monday, September 12, 2011

See You *Out There*

As the crunchholdoh brand struggled to continue a life which it probably never deserved in the first place, I contemplated what the next level of awareness would be for this cherished Richmond institution. It didn't take me long to realize what I had to do; what better way to analog the proverbial phoenix rising from its own ashes than the preferred and penultimate expression of overexposure that manifests itself as "The Blog"?

Behold the future/past, in all its glory.

I'll be using this blog to post occasional updates, recordings, all kinds of things that I can get away with while at work. For now, quench your thirst for knowledge and entertainment with these vague promises of future releases:

-David and I are working on a split cassette tape. The project is still in the initial phases - much like the majestic beauty that is our universe, the matter has yet to condense fully into the forms appropriate for your consumption and salvation. Rest assured, juicy tidbits are available to augment what excitement I can only assume already courses through your veins:
-The cassette will be Purple. The tape will be Chrome. I'll be dubbing it personally. There will be about 30 of them. They'll be longer than 30 minutes, shorter than 40.
-There will probably be cool artwork.
-These songs will be available digitally as well.

-I'm finishing up the mixing/mastering of some recordings I did of the amazing band that is antlers . The goal here is two fold: a live set of songs recorded at Sprout (RIP) over the summer, and another, slightly mellower set, also recorded live at antlers' practice space. There will be a cassette release of the latter, I believe, as well as digital releases of both.

-Demos & Outtakes: I've been rummaging through the crunchholdoh archives and preparing a series of demo/outtake/live/practice recordings for release. Over the years david, collin, chris and I recorded a variety of random one-offs that we never deemed appropriate for outside listening. Hopefully we were wrong. I'll be posting these "weird" and "bad" pieces to this blog for your listening pleasure, culminating in a .zip file that should aim to achieve some long lost goal of pseudo-permanence.
(I'll also be randomly combining these older recordings with random new improvisations and other low-quality material.)

-Finally, all the original crunchholdoh releases are going to be remastered. Easier on the ears.